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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies


building bridges

The yurt was there!
For the duration of Medical Section Annual Conference 2022 as an oasis of recreation

In 2020, for the first time, a yurt stood in front of the west entrance of the Goetheanum during the conference.

Unfortunately it could not be set up in 2021 due to the low number of participants, but it will be there again in 2022.

In 2022 there was a yurt again.

Throughout the conference it was possible to get to know the different methods of Anthroposophic Body Therapies and to experience them on our own bodies.

In this way we as body therapists were able to build bridges to all other professional groups from anthroposophical medicine as well as to interested people who found their way to us. 

Therapists from the following fields: Rhythmical massage, Simeon Pressel Massage, Massage according to Volkier Bentinck, Chirophonetics, Anthropofonetics, Bothmer therapy and Colour Meridian Therapy were available to anyone interested for application or information.
There were also offers from the nurses sector with Rhythmical Einreibungen, wraps and compresses.

Even though the weather was not always summery and friendly and small streams flowed through the yurt from time to time, the interest was great and the offer was used gladly and extensively, there were many enthusiastic spontaneous feedbacks.

We will gladly take up the impulse again for the annual conference in 2024.

Weaving networks

Perspective Conferences of Anthroposophic Body Therapies Online

In 2021 M. Girke and G. Soldner invited body therapists to Dornach to discuss the future perspectives of anthroposophical body therapies. The impulse lecture by M. Gierke and G. Soldner was a successful start for the 30 participants from eight different methods to enter into a lively exchange under the moderation of Rolf Heine.

Three working groups emerged from the work, which worked on the following topics throughout the year: Research; Quality and Accreditation; Education and Training.

In September 2021, an English-language perspective conference was held in online format, which also met with great interest.

Now the network is to be extended for all body therapists who are interested in moving current questions and responding flexibly and creatively to the needs that the times demand of us.

An international online perspective conference Englis language took place on September 4th 2022.
A continuation will take place in mid-January 2023 - more information to follow

Flagship projects

Redesign of the accreditation documents

The creation of an electronic portfolio for the accreditation of training within Anthroposophical Body Therapy is currently being carried out in collaboration with the Ita-Wegman-Akademie Steiermark/Graz.

We hope to be able to publish results in the near future!