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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies


building bridges

The Yurt as an Oasis of Relaxation at the Annual Conference of the Medical Section 2024

The anthroposophical body therapies will be presented for the third time in 2024 in a yurt opposite the west entrance of the Goetheanum.

 'Therapeutic intuition'
Perception and Reality in Diagnosis and Therapy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Therapists from the following fields: Rhythmic Massage, Dr. Simeon Pressel Massage, Volkier Bentinck Massage, Spacial Dynamics, Chirophonetics, Anthropophonetics, Bothmer Therapy and Colour Meridiant Therapy will present their work.

For perception, treatments are offered throughout the session, for which an appointment can be booked in the yurt. Information on the methods and procedures can be given at any time.

We appreciate the generous support of the Medical Section for this project.

Weaving networks

World Connection YIAM

is a multi-professional and international community of young people associated with Anthroposophical Medicine and the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.
Among other activities, regular international zoom conferences are organised on topical issues.

Next dates:

Saturday, 3 May 2024
Saturday, 3 August 2024
morning and evening (depending on time zone)

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Flagship projects

The Future Calls for Change

One of the most important questions in Anthroposophical Body Therapies, and not only there, is: How can we inspire and train young people for this worthwhile and meaningful work?

Until now, each profession or method has its own training formats. The basis, however, is always the anthroposophical view of the human being and the associated specific medical content. This binds together the same valuable resources in every training or further training.

This is the result of our new project:

Networking of Continuing Education in Anthroposophic Medicine

Our vision is for all education and training courses to recognise each other's learning achievements. The "WHO Benchmarks for training in Anthroposophic Medicine" are an ideal prerequisite for this.

An interprofessional working group from different fields of Anthroposophic Medicine is in the process of being constituted.

Such a step has already been taken in the "Foundation Studies" of the Arlesheim Academy of Anthroposophical Medicine. An interprofessional and small-group-oriented concept that provides digital learning materials and in which people all over the world can participate.

We will keep you informed of progress at this point.