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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies

Methods and professions in Anthoposophic Body Therapies

In general the methods of Anthroposophic Body Therapies are founded on a medical profession with a licence to touch according to the national legislation of the respective country. Examples are; Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Masseur, Hydrotherapist, Nurse, Medical doctor, Naturopath.

From the professional field of physiotherapy, there is a German-speaking initiative group that works out physiotherapy from anthroposophical points of view, independently of the therapeutic methods used.
In the following you can find informations to different methods of Body Therapies in relation to Anthroposophic Medicine.

Important note:
Not al of them are fully recognized as Anthroposophic Body Therapy yet. The acknowledgement underlies a general and inter-professional accreditation process which is in responsibility of the Medical Section and its leadership.

Initiative for Anthroposophic Physiotherapy

As Anthroposophic Physiotherapists we apply our profession-specific methods, extended by aspects of anthroposophical knowledge of the human being, especially in relation to perception, rhythm and space.

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Bothmer Therapy

The knowledge of the healthy precedes the recognition of the pathology. The knowledge of the healthy movement-development is fundamental to the recognition and treatment of any divergence.

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[Translate to English:] Spacial Dynamics<sup>®</sup>

Spacial Dynamics®

Spacial Dynamics® was founded in 1985 by Jaimen McMillan after almost twenty years of intensive study of different movement directions and their application. Spacial' is the English adjective for 'space'.

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Rhythmical Massage Therapy

It is a classical Swedish massage modified by the anthroposophical understanding of the human being and the understanding of the essence of rhythm. The special feature of the gentle flowing grip quality: The suction, the lemniscate, the phase-shifted circles, the rhythm in every grip.

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[Translate to English:] Massage nach Dr. med. Simeon Pressel

Simeon Pressel Massage Therapy

Simeon Pressel (1905 - 1980), anthroposophic physician, developed his massage into an instrument for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases. It causes a deep flow, vitalization and order of the organism.

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Volkier Bentinck Massage Therapy

Just as, for example, one prunes a rose bush to encourage and direct its growth, in the massage therapy described here the life forces are stimulated and regenerated by restriction from outside. The massage can be done anytime and anywhere.

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[Translate to English:] Öldesipersionsbadtherapi

Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy

The oil dispersion bath as a medical therapy was developed by Werner Junge and started in 1937. Based on a note by Rudolf Steiner (I. Medical Course, 1920, Dornach) "about the effect of finely atomised oils", he designed the first oil dispersion bath apparatus.


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[Translate to English:] Chirophonetik – Therapie durch Sprache und Berührung


Therapy through speech and touch
Chirophonetics is a speech and perception therapy that allows people to experience the healing power of sounds. It was developed by the curative teacher and speech therapist Alfred Baur and initially applied to disorders of speech development.

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Colour Meridian Therapy Christel Heidemann

a bridge between western and eastern wisdom. It uses the communication between the reflective zones of the dorsal connective tissue and the meridians of Chinese medicine.
It is based on the anthroposophical understanding of the world and humanity.

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"Movement is an element of life.
If we cultivate movement, we cultivate people in a comprehensive sense."
(Louise Laanggard)

In the context of modern educational endeavours at the beginning of the 20th century, Hedwig von Rohden and Louise Langgaard conceived Loheland gymnastics.

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