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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies


There are different form of membership:

  • active: all those who are entitled to receive an certificate as "Anthroposophic body Therapist/ABT". Every active member has one vote.
  • passive: Persons who are training to become an Anthroposophic body therapist (ABT). Persons without certification but who are members of a corresponding professional group. Passive members have the right to make use of all the services provided by the Association. They are invited to the Members’ Meeting and have the right to be heard but no voting rights. Anyone who wishes to support the work of the IAABT can become a passive member.
  • Supporting member: All natural and legal persons who wish to support the work of the IAABT can become supporting members. Every supporting member can attend the members’ meetings but does not have any speaking or voting rights.
  • Honorary membership: The Council can honour meritorious work in the professions covered by the IAABT by appointing honorary members. They retain their membership status and do not pay any membership contributions.