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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies


The methods of Anthroposophic Body Therapies are based on different medical professions, such as physiotherapy.
There is a wide range of opportunities for further training in the individual methods and areas. 
An essential concern of the coordination of Anthroposophical Body Therapy and the IAABT is to ensure that the quality of the various services is at a comparable level while preserving the authenticity and uniqueness of each method.

Further information on the different training options and methods for occupational groups can be found in the following areas:


In collaboration of al professions and faculties of the Medical Section in the accreditation there is a chance for interprofessional exchange and communication. The overriding goal is a mutual recognition by the base of an anthroposophic quality management in our trainings and advanced trainings.

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Trainings in Body Therapies

In the following you can find informations about the different trainings and advanced trainings in Anthroposophic Body Therapies.

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The International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) was initiated in 2001 by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. It is offered as a series of international annual course weeks which for a licensed doctor can lead to certification as a Doctor of Anthroposophic Medicine after five years. In addition to attending five IPMT sessions, certification requires proof of two years’ practical work with the advice of a mentor, and two documented case histories. Anthroposophic Body therapies are part of this concept.

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