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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies

About us

our foundation is the Anthroposophical knowledge of the human being and the world

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Intention and Purpose

The intention and purpose of the IAABT is to be an information platform. All the body and movement therapies which ‘bear anthroposophy within them’ are encouraged to get to know one another and enter into dialogue.
Especially for people in countries where Anthroposophic Medicine is not established yet this is a possibility to connect to like minded people and to Anthroposophic Medicine.
There are projects ongoing in various countries to integrate the Anthroposophical foundations into training as a subject. The IAABT promotes and supports these impulses and distributes information to members and interested parties.
IAABT certifies for Anthroposophic Body Therapists in cooperation with the Medical Section of the Spiritual School of Science, Dornach, Switzerland.



Promotion and publication of Anthroposophy in therapeutical professions.
Support of projects based on Anthroposophic Body Therapies.
Promotion and development of body therapies on the base of an Anthroposophic base.



The International Association of Anthroposophical Body Therapies was established in Dornach on 17 September 2011. The idea of bringing together all body and movement therapies which incorporate the basic perspectives of anthroposophy in their work has existed for the last twelve years. This meant that the time to be ‘born’ had arrived. In April 2011, during the International Conference of Anthroposophic Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy, all those present approved the establishment of the Association. A group of people then went on to draw up the statutes. These statutes were adopted at the International Annual Conference of the Medical Section in September 2011 and the Association was brought into being with nineteen founding members.


The board members:

[Translate to English:] Elma Pressel

Elma Pressel

International Coordination for Anthroposophic Body Therapies, Massagetherapy according to Dr. Simeon Pressel

[Translate to English:] Reinhold Schön

Reinhold Schön

Medizinischer Bademeister,


[Translate to English:] Dieter Bigler

Dieter Bigler

Spacial Dynamics


[Translate to English:] Almut Karges

Almut Karges

Eurythmie-Massage nach T. Baumgartner


[Translate to English:] Helmut Mayer

Helmut Mayer

Arzt für Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation in Wien,
Speziallgebiete: Anthroposophische Medizin; Manuelle Medizin, Cranio Sacrale Therapie

[Translate to English:] Christina Spitta

Christina Spitta

Ärztin, Therapeutin und Trainerin in Spacial Dynamics®