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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies

Initiative Anthroposophic Physiotherapy

The aim is to accompany the patient with movement therapy and manual techniques so that he can take hold of his body anew and develop himself.
The therapeutic approach is guided by the salutogenetic approach as well as the recovery process of our patients and clients. The assessment of the findings, taking into account especially the three- and four-part structure as the basis of the applications, enables the therapist to refine the physiotherapeutic implementation. Movements in space and movements in one's own space (joint mobilisation), but also self-awareness (posture training) are the focus of our work. We seek reflective and explorative exchange among colleagues and continually review our physiotherapeutic expertise, also taking into account anthroposophical content and our own associated examination.

How it all started….:

"Was in der anthroposophischen Gesellschaft vorgeht"
Extract from the "Members' Magazine of 20 March 1994" (German)

Unda Niedermann unda.nw@bluewin.LÖ

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