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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies

Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy

Important note: Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy is recognised as Anthroposophic Body Therapy by the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland since 1995.

The oil dispersion bath has a profound effect on the inner warmth of the person. In this way, therapeutically effective oils can be absorbed into our innermost being. Small droplets of water - enveloped in an oil skin - float in the bath water and envelop the whole body. This is made possible by a mouth-blown glass apparatus that stably combines oil and water.

The oil, which is extracted from medicinal plants, can absorb the heat. It regulates the body temperature and stimulates the immune system.
The positive effect is intensified by a rhythmic underwater brush massage. This additionally stimulates the lymph flow and the blood circulation of the skin and opens it for the surrounding oil.


Association for Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy according to Werner Junge e.V.: