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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies

accreditation of trainings

The IKAM-accreditation-process:

In 2005 idea and concept for creating an auditors training for accreditation in Anthroposophic trainings came into being in the International Coordination for Anthroposophic Medicine/IKAM.
For this purpose the IKAM-accreditation was created in a process of mutual recognition of the different trainings in the different professional categories of Anthroposophic medicine.

This procedure guarantees comparability in the level of al trainings in the different categories of healthcare professionals in Anthroposophic Medicine.
Communication, acceptance and trust are fundamental conditions for this concept.

Formal criteria for an accreditation and the accreditation process are described in the “Generalized Handbook for the Accreditation of Training Programs in Anthroposophic Body Therapy”.

In addition to the “Generalized Handbook or Anthroposophic Body Therapy” each method is called upon to develop its own handbook specified to the respective method, so specific aspects and requirements can be considered.

The IKAM-accreditation contains three steps:

  1.  request for accreditation
  2.  audit-process
  3.  accreditation by the Medical Section respectively the professional category

1. Request for accreditation:
the educational institute put forward a request at the accreditation body by transmission of the completed data sheet and the the criteria-list

2. Audit-process:
This is the main part of the accreditation. 
It starts with the transmission of the request by the educational institute. Next steps are inspection of the documents and visit of the institute by the auditors. Summarizing and forwarding of the results and recommendation to the accreditation body.

3. Accreditation by the Medical Section, respectively the professional category:
Accreditation is granted after successful conclusion of this process. This means, that the institute gets the attribute “recognized by the Medical Section of the Spiritual School of Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach/Switzerland”. Under the terms of the handbook the accreditation is time-limited to five years. After this time a re-accreditation can be requested.

The accreditation is granted if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • documents are complete
  • an advanced training, based on a medical profession in body therapies comprises a minimum of 1000 teaching units at 45 minutes, with 340 hours presence time at the minimum
  • Internship are integral component in accordance to the respective curriculum
  • Curricula include al areas of practice (first seven years, school-time, curative education, clinic, geriatric care). The single fields must not be completely arranged nor the students must be led to specific skills (in accordance to the core-curriculum)
  • the training completes with an internal exam of al acquired skills and knowledge (in accordance to the core-curriculum of the respective method)
  • The aims of the advanced training can be reached by the methods and devices of the training
  • charge and facilities are suitable

Document for download will follow as soon as it is translated into English!!

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