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International Association for
Anthroposophic Body Therapies

Individual Certification as an Anthroposophic Body Therapist/ABT
Last updated: October 2020

  1. The prerequisite for certification as an Anthroposophic Body Therapist (ABT) is
    • to have completed medical and/or professional body therapy training recognized in the country where one is licensed to practise, e.g. as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, alternative practitioner, nurse, medical bath practitioner/masseur, physician…, who, by the virtue of one´s license, is authorized to treat unclothed people
    • to have at least two years of professional experience in the corresponding occupation
  2. Complete further Anthroposophic medical training recognized by the Medical Section, with a certificate, and at least 100 hours of mentorized practice. This can take place in the course of further training and/or in exchange with experienced colleagues. Regular contact with mentor is required (1 - 2x/month)
  3. Presentation of two documented case reports, level according to the criteria catalog
  4. Regular further training in Anthroposophic Body Therapy must be documented with certificate of attendance (at least 60 hours in four years)
  5. Final interview before awarding the vertificate
  6. The certification fee is € 200.-


This regulation is valid from October 1st, 2020

Additional documents:

Application form Anthroposophic Body Therapist ABT (Download to fill in)
Application form Anthroposophic Body Therapist ABT pdf

Guidelines for case reporting
Checklist for the preparation of case reports (download)